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We Are Still Open
All of our offices are still open by appointment only. We will re-open full time on July the 8th through July 15th. You can schedule an Appointment by calling our office, press Zero for the company directory to connect with the manager for any office. The call goes straight to their cell phone.
Stimulus Payments


We will not be receiving any Stimulus checks in our offices. They go directly from the IRS to you (mailed or direct deposited), or if routed through Republic Bank, you should receive a check or Direct Deposit. If you have not filed yet this year and the IRS shows they have released your Stimulus Check to Republic Bank (last 4 of your SSN on the account number), then your funds have been returned to the IRS as you did not have a contract with Republic Bank this year. For further information, please call Republic at 866-491-1040. If you have moved, please call Republic at 866-581-1040 to update your address or download this change of address form (download here) . If told to put a stop payment (download here), fill it out and have it notarized. Only Republic can answer your question if they have received your stimulus check.

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** We may be able to download your W2 from your employers website.

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