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Refer A Friend

$50 Bill.jpg

One of the nicest compliments our clients can give us is a referral.

We will pay you $50 for every NEW person that you refer that has never been to Rapid Tax.

If you refer one person, you will receive a check issued by May 15th. If you Refer 5 people, we will give you an additional $100 plus the $50 per person. If you refer 10 people, we will add an additional $200 plus the $50 per person.

Referral Coupons are only valid if they were received from a referring current year active Customer who pays for federal tax preparation.


  • The referral coupon must be presented by a new client who is not a dependent of another, who purchases tax preparation of more than $100 for a federal return.


  • A new client is a person who has never received a free estimate or paid for return preparation in any prior year. 


  • Referral certificate must be presented prior to completion of initial tax preparation interview. 


  • They cannot be redeemed by a referred client who completes tax preparation prior to the referring party.


  • Amended returns are ineligible.

  • Referral Fees can only be paid to a Customer who has paid for Tax Preparation, or the Fee for their Tax Return have been release out of their refund.

  • Rapid Tax employees are not eligible. 


Referral checks will be mailed by the 15th of May. Any additional referral fees are applied to the following years’ tax return preparation fees. If the following years’ additional Referral & Discount fees are more than the preparation fees, then a check will be issued within 90 days.

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