Safe Drop Off/ Virtual Preparation

Download Rules

These rules are in the PDF download

WE understand with this epidemic, that most of us do not want to personally come in contact with anybody. That is why we has come up with this system. Please read how we can do this.


  1. Download the Instructions & Interview set.

  2. Print and Fill out the Interview Sheet completely and sign it.

  3. Send us a selfie (picture of you holding your personal identification).

  4. Send us either a picture or a PDF of all your Tax documents. The 1095A if you have Market Place insurance. Your Unemployment, if you received any.

  5. If you are a new customer, we need the Social Security Cards for everybody and the Birth Certificates for the children on the tax return.

  6. If you are not a new customer, all we need is the social Security Cards and birth certificate for new children you want to add.

  7. Call the office where you send these documents by e-mail to let them know you are asking for a consultation. They will talk with you and start preparing your tax return within 24hours.

  8. Once prepared, and agreed upon, we can send you your tax return, encrypted, through email. OR you can come in to finish the paperwork for less hassle.

  9. We cannot file your tax return without your consent. That is why you must send us back the signed 2848, Power Of Attorney to file your tax return.

  10. You decide how you want to receive your tax refund, or pay the amount due. We suggest a direct deposit in to your bank account if you have a refund. Or, we can print a check for you in our office.

  11. You can pay our fees either by credit card over the phone, or, if you have a refund coming, we can take our fees out of your refund. It is your choice.


The office locations are:
10714 Perrin Beitel         Phone 210-880-1200    Email:
5108 Fredericksburg Rd. Phone 210-377-3700    Email:
1331 Fair Ave.                Phone 210-534-7400    Email:
7475 W Military Dr.         Phone 210-675-4000    Email:


Thank you for considering Rapid Tax